Before PageGroup, where were you before and what were your specialisations?

I was working in a financial brokerage in sales and business development, where I was based in Europe and China.

Why did you join PageGroup and what is your current role?

I joined PageGroup as it is the market leader in recruitment globally. I wanted to be part of that as I changed career paths and moved into recruitment. My current role is Associate Director in the Banking & Financial Services Team.

How has your past experience helped you in your current role?

Having an affinity and prior experience in Banking and Financial Services helps me when I recruit back for the same industry, as I can better understand what my clients need in their recruitment needs as well as what my candidates do in their daily business activities.

Successes / achievements that you have accomplished during your time at PageGroup

I am on my way to achieve my 2nd Millionaires Club (in GBP) status which attests to my consistent results for the past 6 years, and I also qualified for the Platinum Club for three consecutive years in 2016/17/18 which rewards the top billers across the APAC region.

How have you grown with PageGroup?

Professionally, I have worked with top tier banks and financial institutions, and expanded my portfolio beyond financial brokerages. I also earned accolades and recognition from my clients and candidates alike as the go to person for financial services recruitment. Personally, I have grown to be more outgoing and extroverted. As compared to when I was previously working desk-bound jobs, I can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone now. I have also developed my commercial acumen and business mind-set as I understand how recruiting the right talents for an organisation can directly impact their bottom line.  

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

Repeat clients who always engage me in their recruitment drives and come back to me with exclusivity gives me the acknowledgement and recognition for my job. PageGroup also provides tangible rewards in the forms of monetary, quarterly incentive clubs, yearly incentive trips and the list goes on.

What advice would you give to graduates who are looking to join the recruitment industry?

I would actually advise graduates to try out different roles before joining the recruitment industry. Then they can compare and realise that recruitment is one of the best jobs.