how you should go about vetting a company's culture

At any level in your career, the decision to move from one role to another, one company to another, is a big one. In some cases, it’s very clear-cut: you have an excellent opportunity in front of you, and you’ll take it no matter what. In other cases, especially if you have several offers or are on the fence about making a move, it’s a big decision that requires careful consideration.

Aside from the general aspects of salary, benefits and title, one other factor can tip the scales in one way or another: the company itself. Do the culture, values, working environment and overall way of doing things match with yours? Use these tips to vet your next company – and rest assured that your decision to move has been considered from all angles.

Use the company’s website and social media

Companies have been using social media platforms to aid in their hiring processes, and you should do the same to vet a company. In this digital age, you can discover all sorts of information online. Read through a company’s website, both as research before the interview, and see its values, mission statement, team structure and projects that they have worked on in the past. The About Us/careers section can tell you a lot about a company, including their top priorities and how much they value employees.

Track down the company on social media for more information. If you’re looking for a dynamic environment and laidback culture, a company’s Facebook profile with only formal posts might be an indication that’s it’s not quite what you’re looking for and the other way around.

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Seek out other information online

Conduct online searches to see what you can find out from other external sources. Search a news aggregator like Google News to see what the company has been making headlines for lately. If it’s a start-up, perhaps they recently closed a round of funding or stand out to investors. If they are an established MNC, see the company's overall perception through the news. Are they creating good buzz within their industry, and is it something you want to be a part of? Some websites publish employee reviews on companies, such as Glassdoor, that you should also review. Be sure to read such reviews objectively as they may or may not be policed or exaggerated.

Consult your network

Within your professional network, do you know any former employees or anyone who currently works there? Now is the time to use your connections to find out more. LinkedIn can be an excellent resource for finding current and former employees.

Use the hiring process

The hiring process is as much about you getting to know the company as the company getting to know you. If any big red flags come up during the company's hiring process, its policies or how they do business, pay attention to them and keep them in mind when making a final decision. Ask questions about the team, and meet as many of your potential colleagues and team members as possible during the process. Meeting your future colleagues would give you a chance to evaluate your interaction with them.

Keep the product or service in mind

No matter how impressive the role itself, it is important to factor in your future employer's product or service. From viability on the market to whether or not the company’s offering mixes with your values, take a moment to evaluate this aspect.

Remember that making any job move is just as much about the company you’re moving to as it is about the role, the team you’ll manage, and the remuneration package. Once you’ve made the decision, read more here about making those first weeks on the job count.

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