As part of our Leading Women series, we want to highlight the professional challenges and career aspirations of the women we work with here in Asia.  

In this story, Penny Wan, Regional Vice President and General Manager, JAPAC at Amgen, shares the unexpected blessing of remote work, the key ingredients to build confidence, as well as lessons of resilience from the most important women in her personal life.  

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Q: Could you name a woman who’s inspired you the most?  

I would say my mother and my grandmother. My father passed away when I was very young, and my mother raised three young children on her own. She had to work full time and provide for the family, all while playing multiple roles. My grandmother, too, raised two young daughters after my grandfather passed away. Despite the challenging circumstances, they shared what they had and supported others in need. My grandmother adopted my unrelated uncle when she was making barely enough money to feed her own children. Both women instilled in me a sense of resilience and empathy. My upbringing also taught me that it is better to give than to receive, and I have tried to adopt this approach to both my personal and professional lives.  

This is an abridged version of the full interview with Penny Wan. For the full version of the interview, click here.  

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