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Tomorrow's Talent

The Future of Human Resources: 8 drivers of change for HR in APAC

Michael Page spoke with discipline leaders from across Asia-Pacific, to get a sense of factors driving change in hiring and retention for Human Resources (HR) over the next one to three years. Read more.

Future of Technology: Tomorrow’s Talent (October)


No industry sector is driving disruptive change across Asia Pacific like Technology. Where are the hottest job opportunities right now for hirers and job seekers? What conversations should we initiate today, to ensure that we ride the next technology growth wave of tomorrow?

Future of Sales: Tomorrow’s Talent (November)


A ready supply of quality talent is critical to any sales-driven organisation. What trends and changes are impacting the sales community of Asia Pacific right now – and how should these determine the next steps for hirers and job seekers seeking an edge in the talent race?  

Future of Finance: Tomorrow’s Talent (December)


A sure sign of buoyancy for any economy is its Finance sector, and specifically the hiring conversation. Learn about the key drivers of change for hiring in Finance across Asia Pacific: then discover the actions we advise for those seeking to hire or looking for exciting new roles.