How can temporary talent help my organisation?

Contract talent provide extra help for your business with minimal overheads and risk. You might need:

  • An extra pair of hands during busy periods.
  • Specialist help to manage a key project.
  • To cover permanent staffers’ holidays or parental leave.
  • Somebody to maintain day-to-day tasks while you recruit for a permanent role.

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How is Michael Page different?

Michael Page is a global leader in recruitment, with offices in more than 30 countries. Whether you’re seeking experts for project work or professionals to cover busy periods, our specialist consultants will source the best talent, fast.

Our pool of contract talent is highly skilled and ready to start work in your business at short notice. In some cases we can offer same-day turnaround.

Our consultants manage the entire recruitment process so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business. We also offer a comprehensive payroll service so you can trust that your temporary talent are paid accurately and on time.

How do I pay my temporary employees?

We offer a dedicated payroll service so you know that your temporary staff will be paid on time and accurately. If you have any questions about how we pay temporary employees, please feel free to contact your Recruitment Consultant or email us.

How soon can Michael Page find me a temporary employee?

We understand that you need to run your business with minimal disruption, so it’s important to get the extra help you need when you need it. We offer fast turnaround – sometimes as little as one day – and manage the entire hiring process for you.

Who are my key contacts?

We have a contracting team dedicated to filling temporary roles. Request to speak to one of our consultants today to discuss your unique needs: [email protected]