Our annual guide provides a comprehensive overview of tech salaries in Singapore across different sectors, functions, and seniority. For those pursuing a career in Singapore’s technology sector, the salary guide will help you determine your market value and accurately evaluate the tech job offers that come your way. For hiring managers and business leaders, the salary guide also allows you to make better decisions on who to hire, when to hire and how to keep the very best with the business for the long haul.

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From artificial intelligence and cloud-based services to blockchain and edge computing, the technology landscape is changing by the hour. Even as we speak, innovations are breaking new grounds and driving growth across various sectors. Beyond the technical aspects of these advancements, businesses are also finding new ways to apply these technologies to create commercial value and applications in the real world.

In view of such rapid developments, technology hiring trends, too, need to keep pace. The competition for technology professionals with the right skill sets was fierce before the new norm set in, and it will certainly carry on deep into the coming decade. Attracting and retaining the right talent, then, is going to give your business a competitive edge over the rest — and this is where the Michael Page Singapore Technology Salary Benchmark comes in.

  • Report Highlights  

    1. Hiring trends for the IT sector

    Find out where the IT job opportunities are and the skills worth acquiring

    2. Salary changes for IT roles

    Plan ahead with the salary outlook for budgeting or negotiation