Michael Page

About Us

Bose is a research company dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies and quality products that enrich people's lives. To do so, we take a different approach than most companies. The result is a longstanding reputation for innovation and quality.

Our company's founder, who remains our chairman and technical director, is well known in academic and business circles as an acclaimed inventor. He and our leadership team remain fully engaged in the ongoing work and future direction of the company.

Reaching our goals requires uniquely talented individuals with a strong desire to grow and achieve. Individuals who share the values of passion, innovation, excellence, respect and integrity that are embedded throughout our organization today.

We're looking for men and women with talents in research, manufacturing, web design, information technology, global marketing, finance, communications and more. You find the results of their work all around you—in homes, automobiles, retail stores, restaurants and stadiums.

At Bose, we apply the highest level of scientific inquiry and invention to the discovery of new concepts and the development of new products. We create experiences for our customers that are enlightening, unique and delightful.

And we seek to develop an environment that challenges us to pursue excellence and to reach our fullest human potential