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My Career

Shail Barthwal, 40, Asia Pacific BD Director, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Michael Page has been a trusted partner in my professional journey. Anurag Garg has been the face of Michael Page for me so far. His knowledge of the market, understanding of the client he is working with and the ability to translate all of this to the candidates has been impressive. Anurag placed me in my current role two years back and it wasn’t a relationship that concluded after my placement, we have been in constant touch and connect when our busy work schedules permit. We work with Michael Page to meet our relevant people needs as and when they arise. Their scale, expertise, support and reach in the market has been an advantage. It has been a pleasure being associated with a firm as differentiated and professional in the market and Anurag has been a good brand ambassador.


Iris Ou, 37, Quality and Process Lead, HR Shared Services Asia Centre

“Five years ago, I had just resigned from my job and was in doubt of my own abilities and my experience. Anurag was the first one to respond to my many job applications. We spent 1 and a half hours in the Michael Page office talking through my experience and my strengths and weaknesses. He helped me re-organise how to present and highlight my experience and skill sets on my resume. I never told him this after all this while but he helped me regain my confidence and faith in my own abilities after that meeting.

A month later, I received his call about a contract role. At the same time, I also received an attractive offer from another company but in a different function. Anurag helped me analyse the long-term career growth prospects of each. In the end, I listened to him and trusted him and chose to accept my current role. Five years later, who I am now and how I have grown in my career is exactly what Anurag told me five years ago. If I had chosen the other offer, I would probably have come to a career ceiling by now, but this role opened up a new career path for me and gave me a lot more exposure. Over the last five years, I've kept in touch with Anurag over email, text and social media. I want to thank Anurag for helping me regain my confidence then, for helping me grow my career and for helping me become the person I am now.”