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Fintech business leader anticipates Singapore’s hawker centres to go cashless in 3 years

Singapore, 21 October 2019: Cash has always been an expensive way to transact, believes Arvind Rao, Chief Technology Officer at Validus Capital. Leading all technological advances at the Singapore-based crowdfunding platform for SMEs, this CTO is a firm advocate of reducing cash. 
He speaks to Michael Page in an exclusive interview series titled Powering Asia’s Future. Optimistic about the opportunities for the growth of fintech in Singapore, Arvind Rao says, “Even without an external push, there are tangible perks like the Financial Sector Technology Innovation scheme, which has allocated funds for the industry, and the ‘sandbox’ initiative that encourages innovation without fear of too many rules and regulations.” 
The main driver of all this technology remains the talent. Attitude, attention to detail, hard work and curiosity is what really moves the needle of innovation. Securing the best talent in market is even more critical to a start-up such as Validus Capital where the teams run on a lean and mean work model. Arvind’s philosophy of recognising that people brings technology to life and they function as the architects defining what technology has to deliver is the core of all his hiring strategies. 
Nilay Khandelwal, Managing Director of Michael Page Singapore says, “The future of money in Singapore is an exciting area right now with the release of digital banking licenses and plans announced by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to set up an innovation centre here. This will create a whole new sector of hiring and job opportunities for professionals who can take this dynamic space to new levels.” 
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Editor’s notes: The Michael Page Powering Asia’s Future series showcases the view of Asia’s top executives on leadership. Nine inspirational leaders from across the region share their achievements, learnings and how they are steering their companies towards enduring success amidst an ever-changing business landscape.