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Client Testimonials for Michael Page Finance & Accounting

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that the candidate has settled very well into her role as Director Finance Asia and is really an excellent hire for us and I’d like to express my appreciation for your support for the candidate’s hire and also your more recent support on the Financial Accountant recruitment process. The candidate will be undertaking some final interviews for the FA candidates this coming week and I believe we will have another good new staff through the process.

I have been very impressed with Michael Page’s service and your commitment and support to us, first rate service from you as our partner in the process and we look forward to continuing that relationship as we grow our regional HQ operation in Singapore.”
–Asia Managing Director (Australian Pharma MNC)


“All positive and Michael Page Finance has always been very consistent and has excellent follow up. The team has filled most of our finance roles in 2014. I would not hesitate to engage your services again.”
–Asia Pacific Talent Acquisition Director (European Pharma MNC)


“I would like to thank Michael Page Finance for the good support for my company’s recruitment needs in the last year. The team has tried their very best to call and gave assurance that they wanted to service my company’s account. Since then, they have never failed to give good service, source for good candidates, always follow up, and manage the candidate’s expectation. Because of that, I have started engaging Michael Page Malaysia as well.”
– HR Manager (US IT&T MNC)


“Worked with Michael Page Finance on the last few recruitments in the 1st half of this year and here’s what I can share:

  1. Very responsive, will work on our requests on an urgent basis
  2. Helpful, will always follow-up after each interview and to understand the concerns we have on candidates in order to further refine the search"

– Talent Acquisition Leader (European Oil & Gas MNC)


“I find Michael Page Finance very professional, responsive and efficient. They waste no time closing the candidates from get go which is always important and is very thorough in profiling them. They are also not afraid to give us objective feedback on candidates – unlike many recruiters who tend to oversell their candidates in order to close the job. I have enjoyed working with Michael Page Finance.”
– Senior HR Manager (SGX Healthcare MNC)


“4/4 for me and am absolutely delighted with Michael Page Finance’s fantastic service!”
– Finance Controller (European Publishing MNC)


“Michael Page Finance has helped us source and place quality personnel within our Singapore finance organization. Thank you to the team for providing professional recruitment services.”
– VP Finance Asia Pacific Africa (US Pharma MNC)


“I was very pleased with the professional way that Michael Page Finance took the recruitment brief for the Finance Managers’ role for our Singapore office. It was thorough, professional and demonstrated a strong understanding of the business requirements and how that would match the types of candidates available in the market. Michael Page Finance impressed me and the Regional Financial Controller, with their knowledge of the salary expectations of candidates and the level of experience we could hope to attract with the budget we had available. Their guidance was invaluable as we did not have any understanding of salaries in the Singapore market. All documentation was presented professionally and was accurate (proposal, invoicing etc).

We interviewed a range of candidates and the individual selected has settled in well and is performing satisfactorily. Michael Page Finance has been an excellent candidate manager, keeping in close contact with the candidate after placement and reporting to me on progress. This demonstrates care and attention for the business to ensure their placement was successful, and this takes time to complete well.

Having worked myself in the recruitment industry, I know a good recruiter when I meet one. Michael Page Finance impressed me with their professional and experienced approach and is serving Michael Page well to ensure a high standard of delivery to its clients. Thank you.”
– Regional HR Manager (European Oil & Gas MNC)


“I think I started linked up with Michael Page Finance since I am in Shanghai and I think I have been maintaining quite a good and close relationships with Michael page all along. Based on my experience, Michael Page have been asking very detailed questions about the candidates and I believe this is part of the due diligence process that you guys are doing and to ensure that you meet both the customer’s and candidate’s needs/requirements. You are trying to find the best fit, which is very good.

For my current posting, Michael Page Finance has been providing me with a lot of valuable advice and comments. I really appreciate the follow up done even one month after I started off with the job and this gave extra comfort. I think it is important for a recruitment firm to make both your clients and candidates feel that you are care for them and act in their best interest instead of only care to close deals, this will make an impact and it is a “differentiation” - I think Michael Page has been giving me a very good impression on this so far. Thank you and hope you guys could keep it up.”
– APAC VP Finance (European Engineering MNC)


“Here is how Michael Page Finance has helped me:

  • Giving the advice how is the market and what is the best approach for us to fill the positions
  • Actively sourcing and introducing good candidates with clear understanding with our request
  • Well support the process of candidates signing”

– Senior HR Manager (Japanese F&B MNC)


“Below my feedback about Michael Page Finance

  • Very professional co-operation when we hired the FP&A Manager, he is now a star performer
  • Appreciate the way you keep in touch, I think you are very good at establishing relationships
  • Appreciated your involvement in recent hick-ups around hiring of support staff”

– CFO (SGX Technology MNC)