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2016 SEA Salary & Employment Outlook

What is your job really worth?

How does your salary compare to your peers?

What can you expect to earn in 2016?

Singapore highlights

Growth slowing

The recent Chinese Yuan devaluation and stock market volatility has led many in Singapore to adopt a cautious approach to rewarding employees and hiring new ones.

Sought after skills

Workers skilled in corporate governance and risk audit are highly sought after by financial companies and private banks, especially with the strict regulatory environment set by the Singapore government.

The perfect fit

Unlike a few years ago, employers across Singapore are now looking for candidates who are 99% the perfect fit, within their industry and who can hit the ground running from day one.

Regional highlights



Slow and steady for the region’s most developed economy

  • Hiring activity and salaries are stable, with modest increases
  • Financial incentives and career progression are key to securing and retaining talent



Shortage of talent makes competition fierce

  • The biggest recruitment challenges include finding the right competencies (36%) and lack of available talent (29%)
  • Skills most in demand include: sales, marketing & business development; engineering & manufacturing; and digital management



Strong growth creating challenges with talent attraction and retention

  • 63% of respondents' teams will grow their headcount in the next 12 months
  • Salary and remuneration is by far the most important factor in talent attraction (75%) and retention (56%)